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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

At Silverado Veterinary Hospital, we proudly offer state-of-the-art Pet Cold Laser Therapy in Napa, CA – a revolutionary treatment that changes the lives of pets and their loving families.

a person holding a dog

Pet Cold Laser Therapy at Silverado Veterinary Hospital

Advanced Technology: We believe in staying at the forefront of veterinary care. Our clinic has the latest cold laser therapy technology to ensure your pet receives the most advanced treatment available.

Personalized Care: Every pet is unique, and their needs vary. We take the time to assess your pet’s condition and create a tailored cold laser therapy plan to maximize their results.

Holistic Approach: We understand that a pet’s health is not just physical. Our holistic approach considers your pet’s emotional and psychological well-being, ensuring they receive comprehensive care.

a dog wearing sunglasses and a laser

The Benefits of Our Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Pain Relief: Whether your pet suffers from arthritis, joint pain, or post-surgery discomfort, our pet cold laser therapy can alleviate their pain and improve their quality of life.

Faster Healing: Speed up the recovery process after injuries, surgeries, or dental procedures with the power of laser therapy. It stimulates cell regeneration, allowing your pet to bounce back more quickly.

Reduced Inflammation: Inflammation can be a source of discomfort and harm. Our therapy reduces inflammation, making your pet more comfortable and healthier.

Improved Circulation: Enhanced blood flow aids in tissue repair and helps your pet heal more effectively. This therapy boosts circulation, ensuring your furry friend’s vitality.

Relief from Skin Conditions: Say goodbye to itchy, irritated skin conditions. Cold laser therapy can soothe and alleviate skin issues plaguing your pet.

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